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Silver Music Package

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Brad will personally sing and play guitar for your ceremony, the cocktail hour, and over dinner as you and your guests break bread together. This option is ideal for anyone that already has their DJ or band chosen & would like to add live music to the earlier portions of the day! Live music provides the ultimate backdrop for the key moments of your celebration.

You will receive music for:

1. Your ceremony:

  • Beautiful light guitar music plays as guests take their seats,
  • We will learn up to 3 songs of your choice for the procession, bride's entrance, the recession, or the signing of the documents.
  • If you prefer the original versions of songs for your ceremony we can accommodate by creating and playing a custom playlist over our speakers. Key ceremony moments include: The procession, the bride's walk down the aisle, the signing of marriage documents, and the recession.

2. Cocktail hour:

  • Vocal & Guitar performance of suitable music to set the mood and entertain your guests as they mingle before the reception begins.

3. Over Dinner:

  • Light Vocal & Guitar music will to continue entertaining guests and create the perfect atmosphere for breaking bread and celebrating the occasion.

Possible Add-Ons:

  • Wireless Microphone for officiant: $25.00

Booking Me:

At the top of this page you can view my availability for your date. This allows you to make your booking directly on our system which is nice and convenient. A deposit of 50% of the package is required upon booking which allows us to set aside your date and to begin planning. Our availability is limited as a booking removes that day from our availability. The good news is that this system will make you my complete focus on your big day! I will provide a contract as well as a receipt and I am happy to meet you in person to go over the details and trade signatures on the documents.